Special requirements of the user in regard to a gentle heat treatment of the charge demands technically suitable and economically optimized heat treatments plants. Therefore we have developed heat treatment lines with band conveyor system in high temperature furnaces and tempering furnaces as supplement to our screw retort furnace series. Our production series DOBES and DOBGS.

With this transportation principle parts likely to be damaged, such as engine elements from cars, chain parts, screws, fine forged gears, standard parts etc. can be quenched and tempered, carbonitrided and carbonized as bulk material, economically and with always reproducible parameters. Transportation of the charges in the quenching bath located beneath and into the following washing plant is made in special transport baskets or also by band conveyors, as desired. Part transport in baskets is especially suitable for smallest parts from Ø 1.6 to 6 mm and offers the advantage of an almost complete recycling possibility of the oil by centrifuges.

Since 1998 we are manufacturing these muffle free continuous furnaces with protective gas tight outer shell and fixed band support gratings. The time consuming and very expensive change of sleeves can be dropped, the fixed band support gratings are almost maintenance free.

Also here following frame sizes and output rates are available for the required throughput rates and parts geometry:

Model Throughput Performance Heater
DOBES 4 1 35 max. 80 kg/h electric
DOBES 7 1 50 max. 300 kg/h electric or gas heated
DOBES 9 1 60 max. 750 kg/h electric or gas heated
DOBES 12 1 80 max. 1000 kg/h electric or gas heated

Possible heat treatment processing:

  • Hardening
  • Quenching and tempering
  • Carbonitriding
  • Carbonizing