kgh 1250 taicang

Our screw retort plants, the series KHE and KHG, are mainly used for fully automatic hardening and tempering of rolling members. Due to the consequently further development of these systems over the past decades spheres with Ø 0.6 up to approx. 60 mm can for example be continuously heat treated as bulk material. The rolling members are being dosed gravimetrically into the conveyor screw. The parts will be transported by continuous rotation of the screw through the furnace space loaded with protective gas and put into a quenching bath located underneath. Depending on the geometry of the parts the quenching bath can contain an output system with either basket or screw. Tempering at temperatures of up to 400°C is also made in a furnace with conveyor screw.

The great advantage of this design is the cantilevered and single-sided supported annealing furnace conveyor screw outside the usable space. Based on design only the charge has to be heated since the conveyor screw always maintains its temperature in the furnace. Thus an energy saving heat treatment can be ensured.

Following frame sizes and output rates are available for the required throughput rates and parts geometry:

Model Throughput Performance Heater Part sizes
KH 250 max. 12 kg/h electric 0,6 - 2,5 mm
KH 500 max. 50 kg/h electric 1,6 - 12,3 mm
KH 1000 max. 350 kg/h gas or electric 6,0 - 17,0 mm
KH 1000 max. 280 kg/h gas or electric 15,0 - 60,5 mm
KH 1250 max. 450 kg/h gas or electric 2,5 - 12,3 mm

Possible heat treatment processing:

  • Hardening
  • Quenching and tempering
  • Bainitic hardening